Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That 70's Surf Show

Our resident beach terrorist and Trade Marketing head Jacob, rounded up Long Beach's finest surf bums and spent this past Saturday at Surfside for a contest where only boards from the 70's were to be ridden. HERE IS JAKE'S TAKE ...INSIGHT’S shanty town headed down to Surfside for a 70’s comp held by none other than that local savage Benny Bigglos. Fun little surf provided contestants with some decent pushers but the main action was going down on the sand. With free drafts flowing and full bore beneath the towel action contestants and crowd forgot about their sad lives and started to smile. I don’t really remember much of the contest, but there were for sure some dudes out there. The INSIGHT cave had the peanut gallery doing their best impression of PT for the final where Bob Barker… I mean Bobby Baker… I mean Bob Baker brought home the hardware. Good on ya!.