Monday, November 17, 2008


NAME: C.C. SHEFFIELD AGE: 103 years old NICKNAMES? Cup Cake WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Echo Park WHAT DO YOU DO? MAKE MUSIC Right now finishing my solo record Golden Grime. Belong to La Boum Collective, Djing and hosting poetry club on wed @ Bardot. I love taking pictures with my lieca RS4 In the past Le Revs 2 self released E.P.s, 3 movies, 7 music videos, 104 TV commercials HOW DID THEY COME ABOUT? I worked at a music Venue in AZ the rialto when I was 15. Tucson is the first stop from L.A. so I saw a million shows, roadies, groupies, drunken fans, and magical moments when your body tingles tears are overflowing from a song. I was raised Mormon so I was just suppose to get married. Fast forward… I ran away living in my car in L.A. I was like music is the only truth to me, started my first band Le Rev. I then started “acting” taking the money and making music. Got caught up in Hollywood:<>stopped acting, quit my band, and started writing my solo record last august. So far have recorded in Stockholm with Max Martin(Britney Spears), Berkley, Ca with Jeff Salzman (the killers), Brooklyn and ECHO PARKEY YO!!!!! FASHION INFLUENCE? BOND Girls, AND ALL OF Mick jaggars WIvES OR GIRLFRIENDS, DADA PARIS in the 20s MUSIC INFLUENCES? Oldies + riotgrrl 90s + surrealists +Charles Burkowski + 7os French new wave films + dudes that fuck me over = My MUSIC CREATIVE INFLUENCES? SEE ABOVE with a dash of Andy Warhol YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? gray IF YOU WERE AN ANIMAL…YOU’D BE? I’d be my 3lb yorkie KIKI owned by my dog kiki as a human C.C. HOW WERE YOU FIRST INTRODUCED TO INSIGHT? My friends in MGMT were wearing it than I randomly was with a my stylist friend Jessica at the insight warehouse. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? SUSHI WORDS TO LIVE BY? Make it Happen SOMETHING YOU’D LIKE TO DIVULGE THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU Im in a lawsuit with a girl who pretended to be me. Using my info and pictures on the internet for 3 years. Retribution is a bitch, Bitch !