Monday, December 8, 2008

M A I N E:: Warren Smith recollects

hello, my name is warren smith and this is a C+ surf action photography blog. that means there will be no dudes making out or sexy naked humans in this one. i love new england. so i came back. my camera broke so i cant blog any of my radical photos but my very handsome personal new england surf photographer nick lavecchia is willing to give up some of the amazing leftovers for you to enjoy. also check out my personal new england car driver nico evans doing that sexy backside air. and dont forget the weirdest dude in all of new england who also happens to share my name, samuel warren boardman, riding his space pod down a wave here on the planet earth. he's an alien turd face whose speaks in other languages and is obsessed with maine coon cats and girl named maggie. love warren.