Wednesday, January 14, 2009


At one point in time I was wandering if existing in a free world was possible. But now I realize that all has been lost and I will bring destruction to all and all destruction will happen on the 5th of feb 2012. If you’re there you will reap the benefits of misery and pain. All will go up in flames but not just one fire a whole eternity of a down-hole burning sensation. When you said it, I understand it there is one power in this pain and I have his name, Lord G-hellmet. Once he fully evolves into the full powers of his domain, all will be slain. It doesn’t matter what you feel - LORD G_HELLMET has the control. Why you might ask, nobody knows. But think about this, if you have been treated like Lord G_HELLMET been treated, you might understand. Whether it is simple pleasures like being bent in half, slammed in a car door, smashed in the head by a dictionary or consistent nightly abuse, we all like a little pain on are helmets. LAUGH OR CRY. TAKE WHAT YOU CAN GET. YOU ONLY HAVE TILL FEB 5th 2012. Life’s too short. -Lord G-.