Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Ol' Butchie Nelson

BUTCH NELSON IS NO SLOUCH. He slanged a gang of INSIGHT product from behind the iron counter tops of ACTIVE in Lake Elsinore while you were sipping SoyFrapWrapLoDons at FarFromStar's Coffee emporium. He not only sold tonnage of INSIGHT, but his name was written on a ticket and put into an exploding box with mass amounts of his Activian bredren who also pawned off our product...S K U R D O O O O O S H !!! After the fallout, the only thing standing was BUTCH Motherfuckin' NELSON. Butch had unknowingly won an all expense paid trip to 'Jamnesia' in Jamaica (home of the Jamaican Surf Team and Billy 'Mystic' Wilmot and his boys (ON INSIGHT) for being such a fabulous hustler. The irony here kids...Mr. Nelson was on a trip to Jamaica when we called him to notify him of his wickedness: that's the kind of 'badass' Butch 'MF' Nelson is!!! BOH BOH BOH! Big Ups Butchie! The lesson here: INSIGHT loves you! Look at that fuckin' smile!!!