Friday, May 15, 2009

GOOD REP :: Justin Hugron (Orange County/IE)

Hey dudes. I'm syked to be a part of Insight. Here's a little background on my life/career: I've lived in Huntington Beach pretty much my entire life. Started surfing at a young age and went on to win a couple of national titles, got to travel around the world and had some photos in magazines. My career began way before I thought it would, in high school, when I started working at Huntington Surf and Sport. I spent about four years working the retail side of things and then moved on to work in-house at Stussy. While there, got a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Cal State Long Beach, and then began repping VonZipper in Orange County with good friend Greg Tomlinson (GT). Over the years working retail, in-house and especially the past few years on the road, I've developed amazing friendships/business relationships with so many unbelievable people. With awesome people behind Insight, an insane product mix, and so much potential, I'm eager to take the brand to a new high. This territory is extremely important, and I'll be in shops making it happen.. .