Monday, August 24, 2009

FLORIDA: Surf Expo and various other adventures

Pack your bags...Jump on the plane and traverse cross country. The sticky, thick as a brick heat punches you where it counts the most...welcome to Orlando, sucker. Build a booth you dream might make the tightest of tight wad buyers drizzle a tear over. Do this in a building full of hundreds of other ants. Do this is in a building void of air conditioning. Dig deep into the toils of your brain, searching for a cure to the adult diaper rash you've developed from the humidity and unfriendliness of the cloth that was used to create your underwear. Don't bother sleeping, just lean on the old bottle and tweak your way into the next morning while chasing native large mouth bass (a little green fish.) Chum it up and handle your business with contacts new and old while you're at the show. Spit the shit that gets em' smiling while they fumble through your clothing line and compliment your avant garde approach to so on and so forth. Drink some more firewater to keep the time flying until the approaching Hurricane sends a pulse of swell that is strong enough to lure you an hour away to a shark infested coastline. Surf your worries away with borrowed boards, thanks to new friends. Discuss the importance of Crocs and Ugg boots while you share a good meal and some quality time with your work all deserve it. Take the tradeshow in stride and focus on the positive aspects of everything that has unfolded over the last several days. Take notes on things you'd like to see and do differently in the near future. Re-pack your bags, jump in the van, jump on the plane, pop the sedative you've got in your pocket, and ride the sky homeward bound. Welcome back to Cali just went to Florida Surf Expo with INSIGHT!!!