Friday, November 13, 2009


jbrother NAME(s): jbrother How long have you been alive? depends on what your beliefs are... in asian cultures it's a common belief that you are one year older than your 'birthdate'... Where are you from? my dad's nut sack then later my mom's belly... i popped out in l.a. What is it that you do? eat sleep surf shit and bone... maybe take a photo or two make a movie or something... i don't know i'm still trying to figure that out... How long have you been at it? eating sleeping and shitting day one surfing since about 6... still a virgin so i lied about the boning... started taking photos around 12 or so... How did all of what you do begin? well i ate so later i had to shit then i got tired... my dad gave me a camera and i sort of just started shooting stuff... later i turned the camera on friends and stuff i was doing so i made a surf movie then another now working on one called "shorter"... somewhere along the line an agent picked me up and i take some photos for companies when it fits in with my busy schedule... Do you think what you do is important? uh in the overall universal sense... no not really i try to spread love and i think that is important there is not enough in the world so the more we give love the mo bettah the world will be... oh i've been told my flicks kinda changed surf movies... if you think that is important... ha When was the last time you slept in somebody else’s bed? i can't remember... i slept in my car a few weeks ago... does that count...? When was the last time you thought of cannibalism? i was joking around with some friends and was saying "we'd probably be the last one's to be eaten if we were survivors of a plane crash..." (because we are so skinny...) Have you ever thought of sewing a skin suit made from human skin or any other mammal, and while wearing said skin suit-going out to a bar and looking for companionship? uh no i uh haven't really given that much thought or any until you asked... but i did see that guy from 'silence of the lambs' when i was running up the beach at 3rd point right after that movie came out and i thought it was for real... he was watching the surfers 'put the lotion on their skin...' If tomorrow was your last day on earth, all 24 hours of it…give us a break down of how the day would go. if it was my last 24 hours on earth i'd probably wake up roll over go back to sleep.. get up go to the fridge grab an almond milk a dozen or so of my mom's gluten free cookies - ah heck i'd get wild and grab the non-gluten free ones and get back in bed maybe watch a movie or two go back to bed wake up eat a few cookies... and maybe make a few phone calls tell my friends aloha... How often do you spend time with your family? about once a week sometimes more i see my parents i tell them i love them all the time so i wouldn't want them to worry about my last 24 hours... twice a year my sister and her family come out and spend time in cali and hawaii... If you could work for any CORPORATION in the world, which would it be? it would be the richest one and i'd be the guy writing checks... on a friday afternoon i'd give away as much money as i could to the most deserving of people and organizations... and leave a resignation note on my desk for monday morning... If Barrack Obama was gonna DJ your house party, what would his first track and last track of the night be? let's spend the night together - the rolling stones f*ck the police - n.w.a. (for when the cops showed up) What are your future plans with your current (work,passions,love life etc.) working on getting as much surf as i can eating well getting enough rest as i can (i like to sleep) hoping to finish this movie i'm working on called, "shorter" this winter i love life but no love life at this moment... etc yeah that too... looking forward to spending time with my niece and nephew in hawaii taking them boogie boarding and trying to "go through the tube" i had them watch 'surf's up' and they are officially 'stoked'... If you had octuplets like that crazy beast did earlier this year, what would their names be? 1 jr 2 then i'd let the lady whom birthed my children name them after all she did all the work 3 i was just in there for a minute... 4 5 6 7 8 What are your thoughts on getting involved in INSIGHT’S ‘Garage Artists’ gig? oh it's always fun to be in an art show with friends and a company like insight... great parties great music and confirms my theory that there is a connection between art and garages all over the world... How much crazy shit is on the internet? dude a lot... the other day i stumbled onto this site where you can be friends with people that your not really friends with and they can see what you are doing and you can see what they are doing... it was wild... Do you think the internet is the future of dating? you can date on the internet?!? what? sheesh i guess there is more crazy shit than i thought... What is your very first memory? seeing catwoman tie up batman on tv What do you want as your last memory? seeing catwoman tie me up and feeding me those cookies after i wake up from a nap... What is going to happen in 2012? same thing that happened in y2k... Where can people find out about your life besides speaking with you directly? sign up to date me on the internet... mahalo insight