Friday, January 29, 2010


BIG BIG THANKS to the folks at BADDIES for letting Insight do-up their basement dungeon digs to debut our new collection last week. Celebrating the clothes and cold with us were a few of our pals...check out the pics. 1. Before-Currie, the rep with the mostest 2. Julia from GOTHAM MAG & Rachel from FASHIONSNOOPS 3. Stickos 4. Tracy from JOEMANAGMENT & Kyle from DQM 5. Larry and Currie with Holland & Jasmine from KARMALOOP 6. Mike from KCDC 7. Amy from KCDC & Bradley from COMPLEX MAG 8. More crew from KARMALOOP 9. Skate crew from KCDC 10. Larry with James from American Rag & Cameron 11. Bartender and Deejay Morgan from SATURDAY SURF in INSIGHT'S perverts 12. Holland from KARMALOOP 13. Sarah from Antenna Mag 14. Billy from THE CLOSET & Dylan 15. Mike from IVEN.TORY