Monday, June 28, 2010


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Frenchie Billy BlackBox production manager on the ones and twos


The set up

The Insight road warriors

Peep ripper Warren Smith in the center

Hottie model Elizabeth and Women's designer Laura May with the new collection

Stunner Surfer Jared Mell and Men's designer Robbie working out the men's

Jamie with his Insight x Thomas skate capsule called "Overkill"

PR gal Vanessa Chiu and Women's designer Laura May

Ummm. Norcal Sales Garth and his stache

Rockies sales Caleb Flowers

Jesse Faen boogy-ing it

Jared Mell slashing

Special thanks to Andy Gold@ SoundWaves for letting the Insight crew wreck themselves

Purvison and Laura May, Caroline, Scott and Seb

Jared Mell the fly

Lovely coupling...perhaps getting ready for the World Cup game

A really hungry Currie from the NorthEast

Ty and Jared getting to know each other

Jared sandwich

Driving while Asian

Hawaii sales Anne and moi
Creative birds Laura May & Rob Russo juicing it up

Ummm, yeah.

"Surfabilly" Jared mell