Thursday, July 8, 2010


Thank you all for coming!!

Another blowout LA Insight event. 1200 PBR's, 36 Peligroso bottles and 30 bottles of red kept this party inebriated. Live performances by Tijuana Panthers and The Franks. Beats by Wendy City, HatBox, Just Matter and Osamu. Live art by Garage Artist DethKills and extra special guests Bagavagabonds.

Special thanks to Falling whistles, Thalia Street Surf Shop, Nika Water, Filter and LoveMade. 

Check out some photos and video from the night after the jump and here:

If you missed it check back for an invite to the next event.

Repeat after me I am Free.......

Bagavagabond's T-shirt Printing and Photobooth Killed It

Deejay Wendy City

Thank You Danger Drink

Deejay Just Matter


Jesse x Alyssa x Jon x Friend

Jordy x Friends

Getting Silly

Insight's Larry x Deejay Osamu

Logging In The Dreams

Lupo x Insight's Vanessa

Melinda x Megan Kelly

Mike P. x Surfer Jared Mell


Mike's Feet

Deejay Osamu x Imagery by Rad Dan

Insight's Pervin' Purvi

Surfer Nick Riley

Crowd Outside

Thirsty Friends

William The Muscle x Alex x Jabdiel


V x Mike

Larry x Mike P.

Potty People


Purvi x Friends

Shital x V

Thank You Zane!

Vans' Ashley x Little Jessie
The Franks


Tijuana Panthers!
TJ Panthers

Insight's Vanessa

Izzy The Diva

Larry x Skater Patrick Melcher

Skater Daniel Castillo x Hime

Surfer Jared Mell x Amanda x Justin Cefai

Mike x Hime

Kelley x Alex x Justin x Lindsey


Little Jessie x Jesse x Larry

Jesse Faen x Surfer's Joel Patterson x Little Jessie x Littlist Gypsy

Osamu x Rad Dan Imagery

Dance Party!

Our #1 Fan
Asia Dog's Menu
Asia Dog's Ian and company

Lindsey x Asia Dog


V x American Apparel's Jeff Jones x Larry

Insight's Flavor Savin' Fong



Chelsea x Kova & T's Dre x Angelica x Dani x Jaqueline

Bagavagabond's Eli aka Deejay Hat Box
Bboy Tony x V

BV's JD and his lady friend

BV's Eli Cutting Some Rug

BV's Chris x Peeps

BV's Chris, Eli, Izzy x Insight's V
V x Purvi x Friend
Happy 4th!
Thank You Peligroso
Thank You PBR