Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Motor City x KCDC Happy Hour w/ Nixon & Insight Recap

Big ups to our friends at KCDC x Nixon x and the lovely and talented Ellen Stagg and Penthouse pet Justin Joli for partying it up at MotorCity NYC!
Extra special thanks to Dylan of the Baddies batcave!!

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The lovely and talented Ellen Stagg x Penthouse Pet Justine Joli x Penthouse's Jennifer
Ivy x RB
KCDC's Amy x Justine
Paper Mag's Michelle Lindsay
Baddies bad boy Dylan x Insight's Larry
Paper's Michelle x Dolce Vita's Amy x Nixon's Meg x pal
KCDC's Amy x Dylan x Insight's V

Nixon's Mike x Insight's Larry x Nike's Kyle
KCDC crew
Insight's Currie x Surfer Warren Smith x Rory and Clubby Kyle
Globe's Dion x Insight Surfer Warren x pal
Betsey Johnson's Tiffany x Larry
Nixon love
Complex's Bradley x Nixon's Meg x pal

In the Baddies batcave