Monday, August 23, 2010

Filter Magazine & Bagavagabonds Dream Art Explosion Party Sponsored by Insight

Insight's homies Filter Magazine and art collective Bagavagabonds shared a few "Dreams" in the name of art, music, and charity. Live jams provided by Voxhaul Broadcast, We Barbarians, Lord Huron, Freak Hawk, New Kingdom, Rise the Drakes, Deejay Just Matter and HatBox. Hundreds of talented artists donated pieces and all proceeds went to support young talented minds. Check

Talented Duo....Artist John Monn x Multi Talented CC Sheffield
Filter Magazine & Bagavagabond's Eli

Nylon's Karim x CC
Dynamic Duo...ZICO's Juliet x Insight's The Muscle Fong
Showtime's Mim
Stylist Extraordinaire Megan x Creeping Antonio
Ryan x Melinda
Deadliest Man Alive
Long Beach's We Barbarians
Dethkills...kills it
Thanks to ZICO & Juliet
ZJ's Skate Buyer Noah
What's left of the Black & White wall
PR Superstar Jardine x Insight's V
The Berrics' Kyle x BK
Juliet x BV's Ian Campbell
WeSC's Eric x Amber
Scotty Whiteside and his girl Cat
Jardine x V x John x CC
Artist and Model Brooke Powers
Bagavagabonds jam session
BV's Ian x Chris
BV's Izzy x friend
Megan x K Swiss's Jessica x V
Filter Mag & BV's Pat
Lookbook LA's Nathaniel
Johnny Law
BV's gentle giant JD and his lady
Keegan x Ian