Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Class in the Whale's Vagina

Insight hosted with our pals at Sabre, Foam Mag, Sun Diego, and Lovemade at the Se hotel in SD. Tunage provided by the lovely Posso and Hoff.
Thanks to everyone who came out and contributed to our shitty hangovers the next day at the show. 
Click on the photos or the READ MORE! button for tons of pictures from the weekend.
Jim Shubin x Blisss's Joey Marshall x Heather and pals

The Chief rocking a tee from his Overkill collection and repping his first tattoo ever drawn after learning from a YouTube video
722 Figueroa Showroom's Chris x Cody x Richie Rich
Christina x Insight's Purvi
Levi x Insight's Larry
Insight's Pervin' Purvi x Keegan "the muscle" Fong
Tavik ladies
Skateboard Park of Tampa's Barak and girls
Purvi x Ashmore x Marcus
DC's Chad Beckley x Nick Olsen
Gantez Warriors and pal
Lightening Bolt's Drew
WEVE's Peter Wilday x WEVE's Will Fletcher
John Sullivan x Larballs
 Blisss Mag's Joey Marshall
Ashmore x Transworld's Chase Elliott
El Dorado's Nikki x Miranda x Friend
Atwater's Scott x PR girll
Blend's Flo-rida
Kit x Squid x Katrina x UNIV's Brett
PR lovely Jardine x Marcus
Kit x Squid x Katrina x Elizabeth
Sleepy Monster
The men x B ellis
Larry x V x American Rag's James
Nixon's Jay x Purvi
TransWorld's John x Jay
Swell's Hannah...chillin'
UNIV's James
Hoff and his fan club
Hoff x Posso

OC rep Justin Hugron showing the line
PacSun in the booth for a visit
Insight skater Paul Shier checking in and about to get eaten by a tiny giraffe
Lounging @ Class at ASR
Insight Surf Ambassador Jesse Faen x Insight Sales Manager Larry

Someone's special
Insight's Hime, Purvi, Larry, and Nate Elders killing it
Antenna's fashionista Keri 

...Insight surfer's Jared Mell's tattoo that is now on Jared's Signature collection